Open templates


Open templates

To open existing templates, perform the following steps:

  1. In Windows, start the Microsoft Word app.
  2. In the toolbar, switch to the "SEMYOU Templates" ribbon. Please note that the name of the ribbon may differ depending on the configuration. 
  3. Select The SEMYOU TEMPLATE add-in is displayed in the right side panel. The login options will load if you have not logged in yet. In this case, log in with your user account. 
  4. Select a client in the header area. All clients for which you have authorization are displayed.
  5. After selecting a client, all associated folders and templates are displayed. 
  6. Double-click with the mouse on a template to open it. The optionwindow for template generation is is displayed.
  7. Select your user profile with which you want to open the template. You can manage the user profiles independently via the web application.
  8. Select Create. The template will open in a new MS-Word window and the selected profile and client data will be assigned accordingly.



The following prerequisites must be met:

You have a SEMYOU user account.

You have a valid TEMPLATE app license.

You have installed the Microsoft "SEMYOU Template" add-in

You have an active internet connection

You have at least one standard user profile in SEMYOU TEMPLATE