Installation Microsoft Add-In

Installation Microsoft Add-In

To use SEMYOU Template directly via Microsoft Word, the corresponding SEMYOU TEMPLATE Add-In is required. With the MS Word Add-In you can:

Open templates

Search for templates

Create new templates

Search media - files and use them directly


To install the SEMYOU TEMPLATE add-in, complete the following steps:

  1. Close all instances of the Microsoft Word app.
  2. Launch the installation file. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation steps
  3. Start MS-Word. The SEMYOU Template Add-In will now appear in the toolbar via its own ribbon. Note that the name may differ due to individual configuration.



The following prerequisites must be met:

You are using a valid Windows version.

You are using Windows 10+

You have the authorization for local installations.


Technical notes

  1. Define client and user attributes via the Data Sources area
  2. Create clients via the Clients area
  3. Set the permissions for your clients
  4. Create folders and templates within a client


Installation path

The Microsoft Word add-in is installed by default in the following path:

%programfiles%\SEMYOU\SEMYOU Template\

User configuration
The user configuration file is located in the following path: