Create templates

Create templates

New templates can be created directly in MS-Word using the SEMYOU TEMPALTE Add-In with a few clicks.

Create template from scratch

Place client attributes as fields in the template.

Place user profile attributes as fields in the template.


To create a newTemplate, complete the following steps:

  1. In Windows, start the Microsoft Word app.
  2. Open a blank document in Word
  3. In the toolbar, switch to the "SEMYOU Templates" ribbon. Please note that the name of the ribbon may differ depending on the configuration. 
  4. Select Templates. The SEMYOU TEMPLATE add-in is displayed in the right side panel. The login options will load if you have not logged in yet. In this case, log in with your user account. 
  5. Select Designer in the toolbar. The Designer components are displayed. 
  6. Click with the mouse at the position in your Word document where you want to create a form field.
  7. Now use the Designer to select the field type: Text
  8. Select Object Type: BusinessUnit to display all available client attributes.
  9. Select any field from the drop-down list 
  10. Select the Create button to create the field at the mouse position.
  11. The client attribute has now been created in your template as a dynamic placeholder. Repeat steps 7-10 for additional fields. 
  12. Save the document locally in MS Word format (Docx).
  13. Open the SEMYOU Template web app and log in with your user account 
  14. Switch to Document in the left navigation area 
  15. Select a client 
  16. Select New > New Document 
  17. Select the file you just saved and select the Save button. The template has now been saved under the selected client and is available to all users.



The following prerequisites must be met:

You have a SEMYOU user account.

You have a valid TEMPLATE app license.

You have installed the Microsoft "SEMYOU Template" add-in

You have an active internet connection

SEMYOU Template has been configured in advance with regard to clients and userprofiles